Debate: the Digital Society and Information Ethics (from Theory to Practice)


This article discusses the role of information in the context of globalization and its impact on some areas of knowledge through the interdisciplinarity of information, in sciences, organizations and people, based on a consolidated theoretical framework. The concern with ethical principles and moral values makes us reflect on the Digital Society and social responsibility for the social and economic well-being of people. This concept is the basis of research that seeks to identify and analyze the responsibility of informational ethics. It contemplates the epistemological discussion of information, object of study of Information Sciences, in its different approaches, especially cognitive, economic, political and social. The relationships and distinctions between the different concepts of information are emphasized, as well as the contexts, applications/use of the same and its characteristics of transversality and interdisciplinarity. The multiple attributes of Information are analyzed in the light of the theorists and epistemological horizons of various scientific areas.

Keywords: Globalization, Digital Society, Information Ethics, Interdisciplinarity, Social Responsibility.

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