Oha na Eze: A Foundational Concept of Igbo Socio-political System.


This paper will explore the concept of Oha na Eze, which is fundamental to the socio-political system of the Igbo people, one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups. Oha na Eze, meaning “the people and the king” in Igbo, embodies the relationship between the ruler and the governed, emphasizing collective responsibility and participation in decision-making. This egalitarian concept reflects the shared power and inclusive nature of Igbo society, where the welfare of the community depends on harmonious interactions between its members and the ruler. The research investigates how Oha na Eze influences governance, community development, conflict resolution, and the promotion of justice, fairness, and equity. Obviously, the researcher affirms that by understanding Oha na Eze, one gains insights into the intricate arras of Igbo culture and its enduring legacy in shaping their social and political structures.

Keywords: Oha na Eze, Igbo Socio-political System, Egalitarianism, Community Development, Conflict Resolution.