The Effects of the Turkish-American Relations on the Turkey’s EducationalTransformations After 1950


The aim of this article is to delve into the relations between the Ottoman Empire and the USA started with partnerships based on trade in the 18th century, and then the common relations that started with the trade agreements and gained a separate momentum in terms of continuing education-culture relations under the leadership of American Missionaries. Afterwards, the foreign expansion that established the basis of the Turkish-American relations that started during the World War II, the transformations in the Turkish Education System in the context of the 1950 Foreign Policy and the new educational institutions that emerged accordingly will be of high importance to be investigated briefly. Finally, the new education models developed in the context of the Turkish-American relations depending on the impacts and contributions of the foreign experts to the educational transformations in Turkey will be explored.

Keywords: Turkish-American Relations, American-Ottoman Empire Relations, educational transformations in Turkey