In the wars that stun the nations today, international crimes of various forms are constantly appearing. Some are the results of the
evolution of the modern technicality of the tools of modern war, others are the products of the resurgence of crimes that have
existed since the dawn of time. Among these, emasculation is spreading today in Africa, more particularly in the Great Lakes
region. What does this emasculation consist of? How has it evolved? Knowing that by nature this criminal practice is not of Bantu
essence, how did it manage to take root in Rwanda and in Africa of the Great Lakes? What is its psycho-social basis? Does it
enjoy, or at least at some point in the history of Central Africa, a certain legal basis? Has it received socio-legal recognition so
that its real existence can be accepted? These are the main questions that this article will attempt to answer.
Keywords: Castration, eviration, emasculation, genocidal practice, Arab-Muslim slavery.