A Brief Evaluation on Robert College, Its Establishment, Development, EducationalPurposes, Values and Principles


Founded in 1863 by Cyrus Hamlin and Christopher Robert, Robert College developed and flourished in a short time and successfully became the best school established in the Ottoman lands, and shortly after the Ottoman Empire collapsed, it became one of the most well established and successful schools not only in Turkey, but also in the Middle East and the Balkans. The college is believed to have the same reputation today. The college’s reputation, which continues to this day, is primarily and fundamentally due to its approach to education. This approach, which can be summarized as developing human character physically, mentally, and spiritually together and at the highest level, has deeply put a great deal of impact on the development of the college. The school has gradually increased its popularity since its establishment and has become a well-established institution. Therefore, in this article, the establishment and development of Robert College with its compelling background, the education, educational purposes along with the activities and principles that the college embraced, the impact of the college on the Ottoman Empire and its activities within the state are briefly summarized.

Keywords: Robert College, America, Education, American Missionaries, Ottoman Empire